Build a Market Prospect List

Are you ready to build your market prospect list? Here’s what you already know:

Develop a free taste targeted at your niche (i.e. Kids Getting Fat? Free No Sugar Recipes)

Have a squeeze page / landing page for sign up (i.e. Sign up for my No More Sugar book and you’ll also get … ) I like it in the right hand rail.

Set-up that offer on social media (i.e. cover photo of Facebook, bio section of Twitter, etc.)

Now that you’ve set up the system, here’s what everyone else will tell you to do:

  • Promote it on social media (in posts)
  • Offer it in an email marketing campaign
  • Write a self-serving blog

And finally, at long last, this is what Amazon product copywriter, blog copywriting experts, do all your copywriting gurus, will tell you to do:

Market Prospect List

Post an ad on Craig’s List

Do career coaching? Why not post for an intern and/or offer a free consultation? The free site is perused daily by thousands of people; you can post in multiple cities, as well.

Guest post for others

Randomly, reach out to anyone in your industry that is related to the people you sell to. Ask them, “Do you accept guest posts?” Ask for at least one byline that links back to your site or landing page.

Share your post with Facebook Groups

You can do the social media stuff everyone else does, or you can take it two steps further. Join and engage with groups on Facebook, and then post your landing page in each group. Do something unique? Start your own group (it’s free.) (i.e. Job Haters Support Group, Stressed Out Moms Advice Place.)

Set up a group on LinkedIn

As an extension of your business, create a group on LinkedIn. The bonus is that you can send private messages to the members of your group.

Answer Quora questions with your offer

When you have a bit of downtime, poke around on the question answer site. Look for questions that you can answer by saying, “I recently wrote an article about that if you want to learn more .”

Tip: Do NOT post irrelevant “my company can help” – make sure it’s a genuine solution to the question. You want to learn about sugar, here’s a blog on sugar, etc.

Conduct a survey / ask for opinions

“Is my site working properly? Please help me out by trying out my brand new system.” While this is non-traditional, it will also give you lots of content ideas to get you started on your next set of blogs, free offers and advice.

Find an affiliate marketer

Did you know there are businesses who do nothing but market other businesses? They are called affiliate marketers. You can pay one to promote you to their ginormous list of contacts. (Yes, they are expert list builders, too.)

Make it part of every blog you write

When you build a list, you have to keep your eye on the prize at all times. Every blog you write should promote your free offer at least once.

Tip: When you promote your blog as an answer on Quora you also get potential list building opportunities. See how it ties in?

Give your offer in comments of blogs

Again, answer comments in blogs with a link to your work. These might not all get approved so be very careful that the comments you make are relevant, “Hey. I just wrote about the 10 Benefits of Kale on my blog.” or “My free offer includes lots of great benefits of kale, too.”

Develop a separate email campaign

If you don’t feel like you got enough list building by taking the organic approach, you can also hire a marketing company to do this for you. They will send out an email campaign to a targeted list to try to get conversions for you.

Ultimately, the best lists are built slowly, over time, and comprised of people who will actually buy from you.

But if you need a quick hit, remember you can always break off your list into categories and target them separately … or affiliate market with them … or use them to leverage webinar opportunities …

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